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Rod Ends Rod Ends are suited for the transmission of static and dynamic forces connected to rotary, oscillatory and tipping movements. Watch the Video: Rod Ends

Tescubal rod endsThe big ends of the connecting rods or Tescubal rod ends are self-lubricating and made by an external support, a steel, tempered, ground, polished inner ring for bearings and a sintered bronze outer ring.

Tescubal spherical bearingsTescubal spherical bearings are maintenance free and use a coupling inner ring on sintered outer ring impregnated with high-potency lubricating oil that maintains a constant lubrication.

Tesno spherical bearingsTesno rod ends are made by an external support, a steel tempered, ground, polished inner ring for bearings and an outer ring with PTFE bonded on the inner surface that make them self lubricating

Tesno spherical bearings are composed by an inner ring and PTFE bonded on the inner surface that make them self lubricating

Accessories Rod Ends Rod ends are available with steel/steel coupling, steel/bronze, steel/PTFE, and stainless steel.

Spherical Bearings Spherical bearings, rod ends (big ends of connecting rods) for pneumatic cylinders. Bushes are cold moulded on the inner ring : this guarantees the complete contact on the surface. It also allows high load resistance and high speed, maintaining a correct lubrication during operation.

clevises din 71752DIN 71752 clevises are mechanical linking units suitable for the transmission of static forces. These are standard products and they are produced according to the indicated rules and dimensional tables. They could be supplied galvanized or blank.

ball joints din 71802 axial jointDIN 71802 ball joints and Axial joints are mechanical units of two parts perpendicular with respect to each other. They enable the transmission of alternating forces through angular and oscillating movements, at a moderate speed.


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Self aligning joints On our general catalogue are also available the GB self–aligning joints, DIN 71803 ball studs, DIN 71805 ball sockets and DIN 71802 stainless steel ball joints.

Feather Keys woodruff keys din 6888 din 6885DIN 6885 feather keys, DIN 6888 Woodruff keys feather keys are normally employed for the transmission of the twisting movements of the shaft to the hub and they are produced according to the current regulations.

Lockable Pins for clevises DIN 71752 Pins DIN 1434 for clevisesPins and lockable pins are fitting components that goes with the DIN 71752 clevises.

Rod Assemblies Shims Shims and/or named fifth wheels for axial bearings are made upon customers’ request and according to our general catalogue indications.
Rod assemblies special products and according to drawings.

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